My journey through life has brought me back to where I am today.  Around the globe, from country to city and varied landscapes inbetween led me on a powerful quest to the meaning of life and where I actually sat in there amongst it all.

When I was a young girl I had an awakening I guess you would call it, although it took me years to implement what I had experienced. By my 20’s meditation was the place where I found a deep sense of peace in times of turmoil.  Through years of practice, the calling of sharing the teachings of yoga, integration or oneness came about. The philosophy and silence spoke to me like a breath of fresh air,  making sense to my thirsty mind, filling my heart and restoring my soul.



I am a mother to 3 beautiful girls, a wife to my dear and patient husband, a qualified yoga teacher, experienced massage therapist and skincare specialist.  I have 2 locations, one in Hotel Grand Chancellor, Palm Cove and the other in the tranquil rainforest at Kewarra Beach. Cairns.

I share a gentle style of Qi Yoga, Restoratives, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Massage therapy, we have Womens Circles and Full Moon Circles as a place for connection, friendship and a safe space to be heard.

I completed my 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Akasha Yoga Academy in Thailand, and my 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training of the mystic, shaman and yogi with the School Yoga Institute in Guatemala.

I am a facilitator of Amrit Yoga Nidra, which is a deep passion of mine. I have studied various styles of therapeutic massage over the last 15 years.   Ka Huna and hot stones bringing a richness in relaxation, restoration and healing to all levels of your being.  I have extensive experience with years of meditation, study and silent times.

I welcome you warmly to my door.

Light Blessings Prema

I offer an energy-based style of massage that flows from the heart with Ka Huna movement and warmed basalt stones.  The combination is one of a deeply therapeutic healing treatment.  This massage is perfect for the stressed, exhausted body, and the mind that is unable to slow down, for those suffering anxiety, PTSD, and burnout. It is also excellent for those seeking deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
I share the spiritual practices of yoga alongside gentle fluid movements of asana and Qi life force energy.  The practice is purely experiential leaving you gently stretched, supple of mind and in tune with your body, the environment of the forest and the landscape of the country we live in.

This is perfect for the beginner of yoga, or for the person wanting more than simply an exercise class.  It brings a depth of awareness to your body, your behaviour, and your perspective on life. Tools are shared of wisdom and light to assist you on your road to self-discovery, creativity and managing challenges that life brings.  This is where yoga lifts from your mat and into your life.

Every class will leave you feeling lighter, clearer, less stressed and more in tune with yourself and life.

I take private clients for massage, yoga, meditation and mentoring.  Small classes are held on the Rainforest Deck in Kewarra Beach.

I also see clients at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in the Radiant Health & Yoga Day Spa.

Please do message me with any queries you may have.

Light blessings


mob 042805560858