Hatha & Qi Yoga

Drop in class $20 or as a

5 Week Course $75

A gentle blend of Hatha and Qi movements, suitable for beginners.
Discover how to open and expand with awareness bringing a flexibility to your mind and a suppleness to your muscles and body.
Intentions are set adding a richness to your practice.
Each session begins with a short meditation and finishes with a guided relaxation.
You are welcome to drop in for classes or join for the 5-week course

For Bookings please call Prema 0428 556 858

Yoga Nidra

$20 drop in class or

5 Week Course $75

Wednesday 6 – 7.15pm


Yoga Nidra is a form of deep meditation. It is a unique combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation.  It is practised lying on your back, or sitting if you prefer,  in a supremely comfortable position. Perfect for beginners as well as seasoned meditators.

Yoga Nidra takes you on a guided journey through your body, experiencing different states of consciousness, far beyond the ordinary waking states.  Consciousness is expanded and experienced at a deep level. Yoga Nidra is the world of the Third Eye, beyond the 5 senses. Dynamically restful and actively peaceful.

The benefits of Yoga Nidra are many.  It is also used for reducing stress and anxiety, for chronic pain and fatigue, insomnia, lowering blood pressure,  eliminating habits, recreating your current perception of life, manifesting and creating new ideas and concepts to bring into your life. In America it is used for war veterans with trauma and PTSD.

This practice is for those wanting to dive deeper than just relaxation.

For Bookings please call Prema 0428 556 858

2 hour session $30

In the quiet of the forest we begin with a guided meditation and gentle Qi movements to quieten both body and mind. Different positions are held over and around a bolster for your body and mind to melt and surrender, to deeply relax, be nourished and replenished.  This is perfect for stressed, tired, over worked bodies.

For Bookings please call Prema 0428556858

30mins $55 60mins $95

A therapeutic massage ~ using a blend of Ka Huna or Hawaiian massage strokes, warmed basalt stones, and Reiki energy. Each treatment is totally customised to your needs .
Releases knots and tension, instills a sense of calm throughout your body leaving you feeling at peace, relaxed and at one with yourself.

Contact Prema on 0428 556 858 to book

Oncology massage is for those on a cancer journey in need of relaxation. A light touch described by clients as blissful, deeply relaxing and healing.

For Bookings please call Prema on 0428 556 858 to book

A customised package on the deck, in the forest. Guided meditation on a mat with a bolster followed by a deeply relaxing massage with warmed basalt stones and essential oils.
For Bookings please call Prema on 0428 556 858 to book

Facials and Packages

Blissed Out Facial Package 75mins   $155

With so much tension held in the face and muscles, this is a whole body relaxation experience.

Begin with a Hawaiian back, neck and shoulder massage and Indian head massage. Follow this with a  luxurious customised facial using products of Decleor, Synthesis and essential oils, expect to be taken to the next level of bliss. Finish with a foot massage and hot towels. Leave floating on air.

Express Facial 30 mins  $65

A half hour treatment, individually customised to the needs of your skin.

Skin Treatments

FREE expert advise on the care of your skin, with any Intense Pulse Light Treatment

  • IPL – with 20 years of experience with Intense Pulse Light Photo Rejuvenation for sun damage and pigmentation, also treats fine line and wrinkles.  Full Face $165 or set of 3 Treatments $450
  • Vitamin C mask – to complement your IPL treatment. Firms, lightens and brightens the skin. Long lasting effects.


Manicures –  relax with a Buff and Polish $35  or a Full Manicure $45

Pedicures – relax with a Basic Pedicure $45 or a Luxurious Spa Pedicure $75 – includes soak, sea salt scrub, relaxation massage and hot towels infused with essential oils.

Contact Prema for more information or to book on 0428 556 858.